Stretch Lite Pro

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Stretch Lite Pro provides a permanent, secured connection of the Plugwise network within your corporate network. This enables you to control the Plugwise system from any computer within your network. Ideal for control from multiple locations e.g. reception desk, general and technical services and IT management.
A secure environment that looks after itself

If Stretch Lite Pro is installed within a Plugwise network, it independently establishes a secure connection with the local area network (LAN) of the user ensuring that unauthorised persons are denied access. The built-in web server makes the Source software accessible from any authorized computer on the network.
The Stretch Lite Pro is solely available on a special order basis for larger projects and comes with a Source pro license.
External energy monitoring for a fast analysis of saving opportunities

You can also have your energy consumption temporarily monitored by Plugwise, enabling you to benefit from our knowledge and experience in the field of energy saving and appliance management. Giving you a maximum return with a minimum time investment.