Makeblock-Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm (Pair)

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Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm (Pair)Description:This linear motion closed type slide unit has an 8 mm inside diameter and is suitable for use in precision linear motion applications, such as in printing machines and computer numerical control (CNC) equipment. The slide unit, designed to carry a component, has a housing with a flat mounting face and four tapped bolt holes, and circle clips at each end to retain the ball bushing. Ball in the cage loop to run a smooth ball guide surface to ensure even if high-speed operation, low noise. Features: Closed type bushing block and ball bushing insert for use in linear motion applications Four-bolt aluminum alloy bushing block for a lightweight ready-to-mount installation Synthetic resin retainer plate for accurate ball guidance and low noise Four rows of recirculating balls inside the ball bushing for smooth running Integral lip seals to retain lubricant and protect against contamination Sold in Pair.Size Charts(mm): Demo:

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